Monthly Archives: August 2014

A fantastic show at Masterson Station in Lexington, Ky today!

Today we took five horses to Lexington to compete in the Horse Aid Live combined test and dressage show. It was filled with great rides all day long. Kelli rode Holly in her first ever combined test. They did a very nice dressage test that earned them the score of 35 (65%). They went on to do a double clear stadium round gave them a spot in fourth place! Kate took her horse Lemony Snicket to his first combined test also. Snick, feeling like a new man after his long bout with an infection this spring, put in a fantastic dressage test with a score of 32 (68%). The pair also went double clear in the stadium, landing them a second place finish for the day.



Morgan and Ike, along with Emily and Tucker, competed in their first start division 2'3". It was Tucker's first time in a dressage ring and only his second show ever! We were all very pleased at how well he handled himself at the show and did a really nice test with a score of 48 (52%). Morgan showed in a different ring and put in a great test for a score of 32 (68%). Both riders had to work hard to get their ponies over these bigger fences. They each added a few points their scores in stadium, leaving them with a. 38 and a 52 respectively. Morgan and Ike ended the day in 3rd place in her division and Emily in 10th. Great job, girls!



Sara and Gus did their first training combined test today. Gus and Sara were second after dressage with a score of 30 (70%). They put in a double clear jumping round to end the day in…….first……again. Great job, Sara and Gus!