Trying to make it to Rocking Horse….

It’s been a really long week.  Between the career ending injury that Elissa’s advanced horse has suffered, the outbreak of the EHV-1 virus that is shutting down Ocala, and the added stress of having to Gus to Murphy’s barn tomorrow, I am just hoping that I get to actually compete at Rocking Horse.

It’s a very long, and complicated story about health certificates, contagious diseases, and quarantines.  The up to date news is that Florida borders are still open for horse travel, and I should be able to get out of here on Monday morning.  Rocking Horse is scheduled to run tomorrow, although many people have scratched, including all of the horses at Jon and Jenn Holling’s farm and Dorothy Henry’s farm.  All but Gus, that is.  Elissa thought that I should still do the show,  and thankfully I was able to keep Gus at Murphy’s barn until Monday morning when we ship out.

Gus had a fantastic last dressage lesson today, and yesterday jumped around his intermediate course well.  Murphy had a great jump lesson tonight, and he is probably done until I get home.

Tomorrow I will ride dressage at 9:52 and stadium at 11.  After that,  I will spend the afternoon walking my xc course and getting ready for Saturday’s ride.  Saturday we will do xc early in the morning.  David Stackhouse is meeting me after I’m done icing and wrapping Gus’s legs to measure us for a new dressage saddle.  Very exciting stuff. Will let you all know how it goes, but probably not until Sunday.


MURPHY HAS A NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.COM.  Type in Wetherbrookejoy and look for today’s date.










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