Week 5 in Florida…..

It’s been a great week for the horses so far.  On Monday I had a dressage lesson on Gus, and we worked on our Intermediate dressage test movements a little bit. Murphy did dressage also on Monday.  For the first time since I have owned him, he is starting to open up through his shoulders and “float” instead of doing his little “sewing machine trot” in the front end.  He is getting stronger, and I am starting to notice a difference in his muscle tone and his top line.

On Tuesday both horses jumped.  We started out with some gymnastics, and then Elissa raised the fences to Intermediate height and had me ride a course.  Gus was fantastic for all of it.  My lesson was over in 25 minutes because he had done everything so well.  We didn’t want to jump him any more than we had to .

Murphy was also great for his jumping lesson Tuesday.  He did his gymnastics and then did a course of 2’3″ oxers and verticals at the canter.  Because he was so good and so willing, we also introduced him to the liverpool.  He jumped it very big the first few times, but by the end it was just another jump.  His trot work over fences is getting better and better, and his confidence jumping fences out of a trot has increased dramatically with practice.  Because of how well the trotting has been going, Elissa is now allowing him to go back to the canter.  Due to the trot work, the canter over his fences has also gotten much better, and I felt like I was riding an experienced jumper around my course.  Elissa and I both agree that he could be jumping much higher fences, but until he gets more confident in his own gaits, we will keep the fences low.

Today was a dressage day for both boys.  Gus put in his best dressage ride since we have been in Florida.  5 weeks into the trip, and he has finally decided to relax here.  Murphy was tired, and he had an easy day working on the basics in the dressage ring.

Gus will do dressage tomorrow, gallop Friday, and be off on Saturday.  Murphy will jump tomorrow, do dressage Friday, and be off on Saturday.

On Tuesday I will take Gus to Longwood Farm to do an Intermediate Combined Test, and then we head to Rockinghorse on Friday for our last show in Florida.



Elissa and I had a long talk yesterday about the path Gus and I will be taking this year and next.   Very exciting and frightening stuff.   Let’s just say that the words Rolex 2015 came out of her mouth……….and she wasn’t even laughing when she said it.




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